Tip 11: Drink a Lot of Water

I understand that this is another obvious tip, but too many people don’t do it. When people say I look 10 years younger, I partially attribute it to the fact that I mostly drink water. If you add a little lemon or orange oil to it, honey, or some rose pedals or seasonings, it can even taste good. Drinking enough water vitalizes your body, increases a smooth, glowing skin to appear, and keeps you hydrated during the day. Not only will your physical beauty be enhanced, but you may feel better, smile more, and have more energy to move, interact, and thus, be more attractive to everyone around you.

Tip 12: Facial Workouts

This topic is a bit controversial, since some doctors recommend it and some don’t. But the best way, if you want to do it, is probably to squeeze your lips, which will condition your lip muscles. You can squeeze your face with your hands around the mouth and nose area. Put your palms on your face, with the outer edge on your smile lines and the bottom edges on the jaw line. Personally, I haven’t tried it yet, but some people have said this helps.

Tip 13: The Right Perfume

Okay, so maybe this isn’t beauty, because it concerns the way you smell, but it IS related to being attractive. Studies have shown that people who smelled a specific perfume guessed the ages of them women that wore them younger. Generally speaking, a woman’s perfume smell is often sweeter than a man’s. I am sure any retail shop will inform you of the effects and you’ll be able to smell them before you buy them. Give your sniffer a feast and let others in on it.

Tip 14: Avoid Sugar

And perhaps you shouldn’t be worried about sweet peas with sugar as the 10th ingredient, or some Pringle chips that contain less than 2%, but if you avoid the things that have a high dosage of sugar, you’ll feel better and look better. Trust me, ladies, this is something that’s one of the worst things about our diets. One of my family members recently went on a sugar diet. She had been fat and depressed for years and in just a few months, she lost significant weight, felt healthier, was less moody, and actually looks pretty good at this moment. It made all the difference.

Candy, cookies, soda pop, desserts, or other drinks with a high dosage can damage your health and cause depression, anxiety, and addiction. And no, aspartame drinks that are labeled “diet” or “light” or “0-calories” are usually not any better. Avoid those too. Instead, try some fruit, honey, and other healthy sweeteners if you really need it. According to nutritionists and skin doctors, it also exacerbates a process called glycation, which speeds up ageing in your skin. It can cause dandruff, becoming overweight, and much more.

Tip 15: Longer Eyelashes

Do you want to add some volume and length to your eyelashes? Sure, you can use extensions, but you can also apply a coat of mascara and dust some baby powder on your lashes before you apply a second coat of mascara. What this does, is thicken the mascara and cause your eyelashes to look fuller and longer. Try it out.

Tip 16: Soothing Your Bikini Line

If you get a rash along your bikini line, you should get rid of the irritation with chamomile teabags. Just make a nice cup of chamomile tea and allow the tea bags to cool down. After that, you’ll put the cold tea bags on your bikini line. The herbs of the tea will have a calming, soothing effect on your rash and remove it faster.

Tip 17: Avoid Smoking, Drinking Alcohol and Coffee

Smoking makes people look older and causes wrinkles. It’s highly addicting and one of the worst things for your health. I don’t think I have to go on preaching to you how terrible it is, since all the studies in the world have pointed out how many deaths, diseases, and how much misery cigarettes have causes. Of course, this is true for drugs too. I think that most people know this by now. The hard part is to quit. Look up a program online or go to a support group and get help from a friend if needed. And a quick tip: A lot of vitamin C can wash out the nicotine. So grapefruit juice, vitamin C supplements, and citrus fruits can help you in the process if you’re trying to quit.

Don’t drink alcohol. Recent research has countered all the false evidence out there that a little alcohol is good for the stomach. It’s not. Just avoid it like the plague. It can be addicting, cause you to have a “beer belly” and create harmful effects on your brains, your ability to make wise decisions, etc. One of my family members has liver problems, and he says that if he would have started drinking alcohol, he would probably be dead by now. I am glad he was taught to avoid it.

Coffee doesn’t just contain addictive caffeine, but decaf is bad too. There are a myriad of toxic substances coffee contains, and although I personally like the smell or a coffee ice cream flavor, I never drank the actual thing. It’s highly addicting and terrible for the body.

Tip 18: Heat Your Eyelash Curler

You can do this to get a better curl on your lashes. They will last longer and look better. Heat your eyelash curler with a blow dryer before using it. It’s just like applying heat to your hair on your head. Don’t get your curler too hot, because it can cause burns. Be careful with this. And… oh, only do this occasionally, like when you go out to a fancy restaurant or business meeting. You don’t want to harm your eyelashes with an overdose of heat. Don’t do it every day.

Tip 19: Light Up the Corners of Your Eyes

Celebrities often use this tip: If you use a small amount of light-colored eye pencil or eyeshadow that you apply on the inside corners of your eyes, it can brighten up your eyes. It will make them look bigger, younger and brighter. Put some light on the dark corners close to your nose. This removes the darkness that the skulled shaped face automatically generates and gives you a happier look. Try it. You’ll love it.

Tip 20: Perfume Running Out?

I mentioned perfume before, but I just had to squeeze this little tip in there as well: Make perfume last longer by putting it in the right places. If you put it somewhere where it blows away immediately, it will be gone like that. The best spots to put perfume, are behind your ears, on the back of your wrists, the inside of your knees (on the back), and at the bottom of your throat. Also, you can use a little Vaseline and smear it on the parts of your body where you will spray the perfume. This will make it last longer too, since the Vaseline will typically lock in the perfume and keeps the scent longer than if you would just apply it to your naked skin.

Beauty Tips: 55 Tips on Natural Skin Care, Attractiveness, Makeup, and Looking Younger for Women 

Kisses, Angell.


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